Dr. S. Nyende-Byakika is a Civil Engineer with extensive experience in designing, procuring and processing projects, as well as sales, logistics, relationship management and customer service. He has experience in operating target based performance and competitive business environments, thereby possessing a depth of commercial experience. He has worked in both public and private sector organisations and currently works as a university lecturer and researcher.


The specialists in this field are Mr A A van Zyl and Mr J A van den Berg , both professionally registered engineers.


The specialist in this field is Mr P A Louw: Pr Eng (Civil); BSc Hons Eng (Civil); MSc Eng (Struct) in progress.


Mr W J H Bekker: Pr Eng (Civil) is the specialists in this field and specialising as Professional Registered Engineer.

WATER & SANITATION - CSV Water Consulting Engineers

Dr Anthony Ceronio, Pr Eng, MSAICE, FWISA, MAWWA, Mr Anthony Smith, Pr Tech Eng, MSAICE,

Mr Charl van der Walt, Pr Eng, Pr CPM, MSAICE, FWISA, are the specialists in this field.


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